Thursday, 1 September 2011


I'm Richard, Learning Support Librarian at Newcastle College Library Services. Its my job to ensure that the Library has all the books, journals and e-resources, recommended by our lecturers, in stock and ready for our learners; and to help students make the most of these resources in their research and assignments.

Welcome to the "Library Richard" Blog - a new way for me to try and support you in your studies. Its a method by which I can let you know about our services and recommend some resources or approaches to you, but also a means for you and I to share ideas and tackle any issues that you might come across in your studies / research, particularly if you can't come into College.

Please feel free to just read the blog if you prefer, but I'd particularly welcome any comments or suggestions that you might want to make (anonymously if you like) to individual posts or generally using the Your Comments, Suggestions and Questions... page on the navigation bar below the Blog title above.

I really look forward to hearing from you....

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