Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Writing your Research Proposal

If you have to write a Dissertation or Extended Project this year, you may be asked to submit a Research Proposal. This is a justification for your work (ie proving why it is worth doing), a work-plan and evidence of your ability to plan and carry out the study.

Here are a few ideas of what you might include, and in what order...:
  • Background information / context of your topic. 
  • Your Title (so far – this could change later).
  • The overall Aims for your project – what you mean to do, why it is necessary.
  • A short Literature Review – some indicative sources, show there is relevant information out there.
  • Your Methodology – which approach you will use and why; how you will carry out your research and why you chose this method; with whom? When? Where? 

  • Any problems that you anticipate, and how you will overcome them.
  • Ethical considerations (eg confidentiality, consent, data protection).
  • Potential outcomes – summarise what you hope will emerge from your work (eg “a guide to good practice…”, “detailed insight into…” etc) NB don’t second guess the results.
  • A Timeline or Gantt Chart outlining your plan for carrying out the work.
  • A Reference List / Bibliography.

Further information and guidance for writing extended projects is available in the "Dissertations" folder here.

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