Thursday, 19 January 2012

eJournal Resources

If you need journal articles for your Literature Review or other assignment, then you can explore and access thousands through Newcastle College Libraries, either from the Research and Study Resources link at the top of this blog; or, for the full collection, via NCG Online - click on the "Library" tab (top-right of the screen), then the "e-Resources" button.

IMPORTANT - No matter which option that you choose, select the "Full Text Only" or "Subscribed Content" option (which is usually available through the Advanced Search), or else you might be asked to pay to read more than the Abstract summaries.
We have specialist collections for Sport, Business and Education students, but by far the best for multi-disciplinary research are Academic Search Elite and Gale Cengage

Here's how to get them best out of each...:

Academic Search Elite
Once you have logged in to Academic Search Elite (remember your Username is 's'+ your Student ID number, and your Password is the same as you use on Blackboard), tick "Full text" then type what you are looking for in the Search Box at the top.

Click the title hyperlinks on the Results page to access the articles, which come from thousands of the world's most reputable and respected journals, either in website format or as PDFs.

If there are too many hits, use the options down the left-hand column to filter your results, for instance by year, geographical region, or publication type, etc. Then click "Update".

You can save the articles, email them to yourself or, if you create an account with this website using the "Sign In" link at the top of the page, you can create folders of useful sources and make notes on the work.

Gale Cengage
If you need access to newspaper and magazine articles, as well as some academic journals, then its well worth trying Gale Cengage.

This database gives you access to thousands of publications from across the world, ranging from 1980 to yesterday, all through a single search box. Again, don't forget to filter your search with the "Full Text" option on the left of the Results screen, to get rid of the citation-only entries.

Google Scholar
Google Scholar (along with the less well-known Microsoft Academic Search) is also worth a look, though the problem of being charged for full-text access is even worse than ever here.

To minimise this, change the settings at the top of the Results page so that the first box reads "Articles excluding patents" and the last box says "At least summaries"

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