Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Sources for your Literature Review

A Literature Review is an informative overview of what is already known about the topic you are investigating in your Dissertation - a balanced yet critical evaluation of what previous studies have already uncovered, organised into a coherent, logical, well-organised narrative.

Your first task is to gather as much relevant as possible, from books, journal articles (especially), reputable websites, etc.

You might want to use the Library Catalogue; the e-resources available on NCG Online if you are a Newcastle College student; and/or the links which you can access through the Research and Study Resources section of this blog.

Here are a few strategies to try if you' re getting not enough (or too much) information...:

(Double-click to enlarge image)

Once you've gathered all the available information however, you have the problem of determining which of the studies are worthy of inclusion in your analysis.

This might help...

As you consider each source that you find, evaluate them for R.E.V.I.E.W. ...:

(Double-click image to enlarge)
More information and guidance for writing extended projects is available in the "Dissertations" folder here.

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