Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Resetting your Newcastle College Password Off-Campus

Its now possible to reset your Newcastle College IT/Blackboard password, or unlock your account, even if you aren't on the College Campus.

All you need to do is click here or on the "Change Password" link on the login page of NCG Online.

This will take you to the NCG Password Management webpage from where you can reset your account. NB if you have not already done so, you MUST first enrol on the system by clicking the top option on the page. (If you have already enrolled, click here.)

Log in to enrol with your usual Username ('s' + your Student ID Number) and the Password is your Date of Birth as a 6-digit number (eg 1st May 1996 = 010596).

Once you've done this, follow the on-screen instructions.

These will ask for your email address (this doesn't have to be your College email address); for your answers to four Security Questions (such as what is your favourite food - keep a note of your responses!); and for you to pick a "Memorable Word", to help identify you in future.

Finally you will be asked to type in, then confirm, your new password.

If you have already enrolled on the system, click the second option on the NCG Password Management home page, enter your Username ('s'+ Student ID Number) and correctly answer the Security Questions then you'll be emailed a PIN code number. Type this into the box on the screen, and you can set a new password for yourself.

Full details of how to use this facility are available here. If you have any problems contact IT Helpdesk in Parsons Building room 503, or ring +44 (0) 191 200 4700.

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